Thoughts on the Punkt. MP02 phone

About the Punkt phone

The Punkt phone is a designer phone which focusses on simplicity. It is rather expensive compared to other phones with similar features, yet it stands out with its great design and build quality. If you are looking for a secure phone thent there are better options. It runs proprietary software on top of Android (AOSP 8.1.0), which is quite buggy (see bugs I’ve found below). The level of privacy the phone offers I would say are on par with that of a lot of feature phones. I agree with Punkt that this it not a detox phone. This is a phone with focus on design and simlicity. A minimalist phone.

Image of Phone

Thinks I like with the phone

Things I don’t like


The following bugs refer to the firmware EU.02.00.0082. These are bugs I have notices. There are more mentioned here.

Pidgeon app

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