Slowly but surely we are turning into a society where if you do not have a smartphone you are at a disadvantage. There are several examples of this:

  • Car parks which only accept payment via an app.
  • Restaurants and pubs who want you to order via your phone
  • Transport services which make purchasing and using tickets more cumbersome (train, etc.)
  • Bank loans which are only available via an app

For most people this is not an problem, however, for those less technically inclined, typically older people, or those who just don't want or can't use a smartphone (say due to a disability), it is.

The problem here is not smartphones. They are just a tool which can make life a lot more convenient, quickly provide us with useful information and allow us to easily communicate with others. Instead the problem is that there are few or sometimes no alternatives and that smartphones are becoming a requirement for going about daily life.

It is my wish and hope that people realise how smartphones are becoming a necessary prerequisite for a convenient life. That people realise that this convenience commonly motivated by a desire to collect our data and reducing costs is making our society less inclusive, and less tolerant of people who do not want to live through a smart phone.

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