This page describes the software and hardware I use.


Operating System

Arch logo I'm running arch linux on my PC. For me it is the ultimate DIY linux OS where you are in control. For instance, when you set it up, you choose what software you want to run and nothing comes pre-installed. It is light weight and comes with excellent documentation.

Desktop environment

Sway logo I use the sway tiling Wayland compositor (previously I used i3). This is because it makes keyboard navigating between windows super fast. It also ensures no windows get hidden behind other windows.

Text editor

Neovim logo I use neovim which is a hyperextensible Vim-based text editor. I chose neovim as it powerful and has the features I need. I don't use that many plugins, but one I can recommend is sneak.vim which let's you jump to any location specified by two characters.


NeoMutt logo All my email is handled by proton. When handling email I use a combination of neomutt and proton webmail depending on what I am doing with my email.


I use remind to track my calendar events. The highly customisable calendar utility runs in the terminal and can be used for all sorts of diary events. remind lets you define variables and functions as well as evaluate expressions. As an example, I have a function which will (given a date) calculate how old they will be on their next birthday and shows that in the calendar.

Task manager

Taskwarrior logo I manage my tasks (todo list) using taskwarrior. It uses a natural and expressive command line syntax which is easy to learn and offers a lot of flexibility.

Taking notes

nb logo I take notes (in markdown) using nb. nb is a command line and local web note‑taking, bookmarking, archiving, and knowledge base application which I sync using git.



I use the moonlander split keyboard in the Colemak mod-DH layout. Colemak mod-DH introduces a minor modification to the Colemak keyboard layout, designed to make typing more comfortable. You can view the layout here. The moonlander keyboard


sxmo I switch phones back and forth all the time. I am a big supporter of linux based phones and thus am playing around with the pinephone and pinephone pro. I run postmarketOS on them in combination with the sxmo user interface. I also have an older (2015) oneplus one phone running LineageOS.

sxmo allows you to send texts via ssh using neovim, read notifications, texts, etc. I particularity like how you can use hook scripts to automate things.